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Revamping one of my communities.

I've decided to change sm_iepisodic from an episode-claim specific icon community to an all-fanworks episodic challenge community. See below:

Sailor Moon Iepisodic Challenge

Sailor Moon iepisodic challenge is a bi-weekly fan challenge based on an anime or PGSM episode, a manga act, or any other theme chosen by the moderator -all relating to Sailor Moon of course.

Participants will have two weeks to inundate the community with fanworks based around the chosen 'episode'. The following fanworks are accepted:

  • Icons - Make icons from the specified episode! Lots and lots of icons! Who doesn't love icons?

  • Fanfic - Write a fanfic centered around the episode -- but only the episode specified in the challenge. Drabbles or longer fic are acceptable. Please ensure to include a rating for your fic.

  • Fanmixes - Make a mix cd centered around the episode! Must include a link to download the music and reasons for your choices. A cover is not mandatory, but is encouraged.

  • Music Videos - Make a music video! You must only use footage from the specified episode.

  • Fanart - Show off your artistic skills by drawing a picture based on the episode.

  • Graphic editing - wallpaper, collages, manips using images from the episode. Are you a graphic editing pro in photoshop? Then the sky's the limit. Be creative, maybe you even want to do a calendar with images from the episode. It's up to you!

  • So pop on over and contribute! The current (and first challenge) is the first episode of the anime.
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New Community!

I created a new icon community. It is a Sailor Moon challenge community.


You choose an episode from the anime, the live action or a chapter from the manga and you then must make 80+ icons from the chosen episode.

Sound like fun? Feel free to join!

I will definitely be making a claim, and I will be posting it here as well. Soon, soon.

So make me happy, join & participate! <3
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New update in sm100 challenge

In the last couple of days, I made some changes at my sm100 icon challenge. 6 brand new icons have been added, and I've also redone 2 icons (#44 & #45).
I started this icon challenge over a year ago, and my style has improved since then. So look for some of the 'crappier' icons to be redone.
100 SMS icons by angelinamoon
Latest update: 12/11/06
Pairing/Character: [General Series] Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon S
# of icons completed total: 46
Credits: here.
teaser 1 teaser 2 teaser 3

Remember, I sure do love comments ^_~

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