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D&J - boat

angelinamoon in omigadicons

Long overdue icon drop.

24 Icons
05 Card Captor Sakura
16 Sailor Moon
03 Sailor V

Preview 01 Preview 02 Preview 03

CCS 01 CCS 02 CCS 03
CCS 04 CCS 05 Sailor Moon 01
Sailor Moon 02 Sailor Moon 03 Sailor Moon 04
Sailor Moon 05 Sailor Moon 06Sailor Moon 07
Sailor Moon 08 Sailor Moon 09Sailor Moon 10
Sailor Moon 11 Sailor Moon 12Sailor Moon 13
Sailor Moon 14 Sailor Moon 15Sailor Moon 16
Sailor V 01 Sailor V 02Sailor V 03

Texture & image credit here.

If you use any, please credit angelinamoon or omigadicons. Thx.

Also, there's no time like the present to plug shamelessly plug my icon challenge community. Want more Sailor Moon icons? Check out sm_iepisodic. Icon makers choose an episode from either the anime, PGSM, musicals or an act from the manga and make 80+ icons.

Comments are love <3.


Lovely! I love the style of these. ^_^
Took a lot and Watch~
will credit.
These are so original!
Snagging "Determined" & "I could save you" icons. Will credit ♥
they're all so nice :) took some & will credit when used
I so loved the second tomoyo one o^^o
Taking it yay O^^O
Aw, taking #18! It's adorable. :)
Love your style! Stealing the harumichi kiss, haha. It's so sweet. :< <3
Agreed ^.^ I totally loved the HaruMichi kiss icon :3 Too cute-sweet. But over all the icon post is awesome. Took a bunch. Will credit when used ;D Keep up the good work :)
Ooh love the icons! Saved a bunch. Will credit when I use them!
These are really beautiful! I really love your style so I'm snagging a few. Will credit. Thank you! <3
I love the H&M icons *taking a few* thanks =D
Taking some of them, thx! Credit of course.

January 2009

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